Basic usage of Python tqdm module in machine learning training

PinkGranite 2021-11-25 13:24:21
basic usage python tqdm module

Tqdm Is a very concise python Visual progress bar module , Very light and fast . In machine learning projects , We often need to train for a long time , Although in general, we can set some prompt information in the code to determine the current training progress , But if there is a good visual progress bar, the effect will be better .
Programmers are not slaves !!!
Here is a piece of template code :

from tqdm import tqdm
# Suppose our project needs training 100 individual epoch, Don't pay attention to internal details 
# Of course , If in each epoch There are other requirements that can also be added 
with tqdm(total=100) as bar:
# there total Indicates the total capacity of the progress bar 
for epoch in range(100):
# Here you can give bar Set the prompt message 
bar.set_description(' This is number one {} Time training :'.format(epoch))
# Conduct 100 individual epoch Training for 
-- Training details --
# This represents the total progress plus 1, If total=100, Then the degree of completion is 1/100=1%
# Other situations can be analogized 

All right. , So the above is tqdm Basic usage in machine learning projects , I don't know much about tqdm Implementation principle of , Use only as a tool , I hope it can help you !
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