Python basic and introductory tutorials

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python basic introductory tutorials

Recently, many friends have come to ask me , How to learn python, Where should I start learning , What do you want to learn , I can't learn without auxiliary materials , This time it came , The article is relatively long, read it patiently , When you see the last smart person, you can understand my mysterious code !!

One : Study Directory

The first 1 Chapter Python Programming based

1. What is programming language

2. Compiled and interpreted languages

3.Python What is it?

4.Python What are the characteristics of ( pros and cons )

5. learn Python, There's no need to have a programming foundation !

6. learn Python Can do

7.Python 2.x and Python 3.x, How should beginners choose ?

8.Python 3 and Python 2 The difference between

9.Python 2to3: Automatically put Python 2.x Code to Python3.x Code

10.Windows install Python

11.Linux install Python

12.Mac install Python Environmental Science

13.python It's not a solution to internal or external commands

14. Write the first Python Program

15.Python Interactive interpreter

16.Python notes

The first 2 Chapter Variable types and operators

1.Python Variables and their use

2.Python Variable naming rule

3.Python value type ( plastic 、 Floating point and complex Numbers )

4.Python character string

5.Python bytes

6.Python Escape character

7.Python Formatted string

8.Python Intercepting string

9.Python String case conversion

10.Python Remove the space in the string

11.Python String manipulation ( lookup , Replace , Divide and connect )

12.Python Assignment operator

13.Python Arithmetic operator

14.Python An operator

15.Python bool Types and comparison operators

16.Python Logical operators

17.Python Ternary operator

18.Python Operator priority

The first 3 Chapter list 、 Tuples and dictionaries

1.Python Sequence ( Lists & Tuples )

2.Python list() and tuple()

3.Python list Add elements to the list

4.Python list List delete elements

5.Python list List modification elements

6.Python list Common methods

7.Python Dictionaries

The first 4 Chapter Python Process control

1.Python if else Conditional statements

2.Python pass

3.Python assert Assertion

4.Python while loop

5.Python for loop

6.Python In cyclic structure else usage

7.Python A nested loop

8.Python List derivation

9.Python zip function

10.Python reversed function

11.Python sorted function

12.Python break

13.Python continue

14.Python The actual number of the project is converted to RMB

15.Python Round and round interview questions of project practice

The first 5 Chapter Functions and lambda expression

1.Python function

2.Python Function returns multiple values

3.Python Function recursion

4.Python Key parameters

5.Python Default parameters

6.Python Variable parameters

7.Python Function parameter transfer mechanism

8.Python Variable scope

9.Python Local function

10.Python Function advanced usage

11.Python lambda expression

The first 6 Chapter Python Classes and objects

1.Python The definition of a class

2.Python The creation and use of class objects

3.python self

4.Python Class calls instance methods

5.Python Static methods and class methods

6.Python @ Function decorator

7.Python Class namespace

8.Python Class variables and instance variables

9.Python property function

10.Python encapsulation

11.Python Inheritance mechanism

12.Python Superclass method override

13.Python super

14.Python __slots__

15.Python type

16.Python metaclass

17.Python polymorphic

18.Python issubclass and isinstance

19.Python Enumeration class

The first 7 Chapter Python Exception handling mechanism

1.Python Exception handling mechanism

2.Python try except else

3.Python finally

4.Python raise

5.Python traceback

6. Use... Correctly Python Exception handling mechanism

The first 8 Chapter Class special members ( Properties and methods )

1.Python __repr__

2.Python __del__

3.Python __dir__

4.Python __dict__

5.Python setattr、getattr、hasattr

6.Python __call__

7.Python Sequence related operations

8.Python __iter__ and __reversed__

9.Python generator

The first 9 Chapter Python Modules and packages

1.Python import The import module

2.Python Custom module

3.Python Load module

4.Python __all__ Variable

5.Python package

6.Python View the module method

7.Python __doc__

8.Python __file__

The first 10 Chapter Python Common modules

1.Python sys

2.Python os

3.Python random

4.Python time

5.Python json

6.Python re

7.Python set and frozenset

8.Python queue

9.Python heapq

10.Python ChainMap

11.Python Counter

12.Python defaultdict

13.Python namedtuple

14.Python OrderedDict

15.Python itertools

16.Python functools

The first 11 Chapter Tkinter

1.Python GUI library

2.Python Tkinter

3.Python Tkinter Pack

4.Python Tkinter Grid

5.Python Tkinter Place

6.Python Tkinter command and bind

7.Python Tkinter ttk

8.Python Tkinter Variable

9.Python Tkinter compound

10.Python Tkinter Entry and Text

11.Python Tkinter Radiobutton and Checkbutton

12.Python Tkinter Listbox and Combobox

13.Python Tkinter Spinbox

14.Python Tkinter Scale and LabeledScale

15.Python Tkinter LabelFrame

16.Python Tkinter Panedwindow

17.Python Tkinter OptionMenu

18.Python Tkinter Dialog box

19.Python Tkinter Custom dialog

20.Python Tkinter Input Dialog

21.Python Tkinter File dialog

22.Python Tkinter askcolor

23.Python Tkinter Message box

24.Python Tkinter Menu menu

25.Python tkinter Canvas

26.tkinter Canvas tag_bind

27.Python tkinter Canvas Draw animation

The first 12 Chapter Python File operations (I/O)

1.Python pathlib

2.Python os.path

3.Python fnmatch

4.Python open

5.Python read

6.Python readline and readlines

7.Python fileinput

8.Python for Loop read file

9.Python with

10.Python linecache

11.Python write file (write and writelines)

12.Python os

13.Python tempfile

The first 13 Chapter Python Database programming

1.Python database API

2.Python SQLite Create data table

3.SQLite Expert Installation and use

4.Python execute and executemany

5.Python fetchone、fetchmany and fetchall

6.Python executescript

7.Python SQLite create_function

8.Python SQLite create_aggregate

9.Python SQLite create_collation

10.MySQL Database download and installation

11.Python pip

12.Python MySQL Database execution DDL sentence

13.Python MySQL Database execution DML sentence

14.Python MySQL Database execution query statement

15.Python MySQL callproc

The first 14 Chapter Python Concurrent programming

1. What is thread ( Multithreading )

2.Python Create thread

3.Python The life cycle of a thread

4.Python Thread join

5.Python The guardian thread

6.Python sleep

7.Python Thread safety ( Synchronization lock Lock)

8.Python thread deadlock

9.Python condition Implement thread communication

10.Python Queue The queue implements thread communication

11.Python Event Implement thread communication

12.Python Thread pool

13.Python threading Local

14.Python Timer Timer

15.Python schedule

16.Python fork

17.Python Process

18.Python Set the start time of the process 2 Ways of planting

19.Python Use the process pool to manage processes

20.Python Method of interprocess communication

The first 15 Chapter Python Network programming

1. What is computer network ,TCP/IP Protocol and port number

2.Python Network programming module

3.Python urllib.parse

4.Python urllib.request

5.Python http.cookiejar

6. What is? TCP agreement

7.Python socket establish TCP Connect

8.Python Multithreaded implementation socket signal communication

9.Python socket shutdown

10.Python selectors

11.UDP What is the protocol

12.socket Send and receive data ( be based on UDP agreement )

13.UDP Multipoint broadcasting

14.Python smtplib

15.Python poplib

The first 16 Chapter Python Documentation and testing

1.Python pydoc

2.Python doctest

3.Python unittest(PyUnit)

4.Python TestSuite

5.Python setUp and tearDown

6.Python unittest Skip test cases

The first 17 Chapter Python Packaging and distribution

1.Python zipapp pack

2.Python PyInstaller

The first 18 Chapter Python Data visualization

1.Python Matplotlib install

2.Python Matplotlib plot

3.Python Matplotlib legend

4.Python Matplotlib time、xlabel、ylabel、xticks、yticks

5.Python Matplotlib subplot

6.Python Matplotlib pie

7.Python Matplotlib Draw a histogram (bar and barh function )

8.Python Matplotlib scatter

9.Python Matplotlib contour and contourf

10.Python plot_surface

11.Python Pygal

12.Python Pygal Common data chart

13.Python Read csv file

14.Python Read JSON file

15.Python Read network data

The first 19 Chapter Python Scrapy Web crawler

1. What is a web crawler

2.Python Scrapy install

3.Python Scrapy Project creation

4.Python Scrapy shell

5.Python Scrapy Crawler project development process

6.Python scrapy The crawler data is saved to MySQL database

7.Python Scrapy Break through the anti reptile mechanism

8.Python Scrapy Anti crawler solutions

9.Python Scrapy Integrate Selenium

Two 、 The learning curve

3、 ... and 、 High quality resources

I've divided these resources into seven different stages , The difficulty increases in turn , In fact, it is corresponding to the above learning curve ;

This resource includes 800G, Keep forever , And will continue to update , recommend Forward collection , It is convenient to find and learn in the future ;

This is just a screenshot of a small part of the data

Four 、 Access method

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