Simple Python game making

Programming Lao yuan 2021-11-25 18:48:10
simple python game making

What about today , Let's show you Python Interesting little place , Show you , My little game , Are there any memories of your childhood . Let's not talk more nonsense , Show you ! It's ok if the interested partners don't understand , You can download one PyCharm, Knock along with my picture code !

First, we choose the development tools Python edition :3.6.4, Related template selection pygame Templates , As well as some Python Built in modules . The environment construction is also very simple , Just install Python And add to environment variable ,pip Install the required relevant templates .

Step by step :

Step1: Define the game sprite class

Because the game involves collision testing , So let's first define some game spirit classes , Including the pusher 、 The box 、 Wall and target location indicator .

First of all, let's define the elves who push boxes :

He needs to have the ability to move , Here is a choice to simulate movement , It is to judge whether it can go on by simulating movement 、 Next 、 Left 、 Move right . Because of the nature and type of other things on the map , So we define them as the same elf class ( In fact, they are all similar in nature , But it's necessary to distinguish people from things ):

The box has the ability to move , Others cannot be moved . The function of simulating mobile selection is similar to that before .

Step2: Define game map class

Here we define a game map class , The goal is to use this class to create arbitrary game maps . therefore , This class should be able to add and save game elements ( people 、 wall 、 Boxes, etc ), And draw the map on the screen . At the same time, a method should also be brought to judge whether the boxes on this map have been sent to the specified location ( This makes it easy to change levels ):

Step3: Define game interface classes

Game interface class is responsible for parsing levels Folder under the game level map file , And use game map class to create and display game map :

And because of the game map area > Game window interface , Therefore, this class needs to add the function of scrolling game map according to the position of characters :

Step4: Define a level of the game's main loop

The main loop is responsible for instantiating game interface classes , And according to the results of key detection, the game interface class is operated :

The logic of character movement is : The target of character movement is an empty white space , Then people move ; If you hit a box , The box can move one space in the same direction as the person , Then the person and the box move ; In other cases, people and boxes cannot be moved .

Step5: Define the beginning of the game 、 Switch and end the interface

It's a little crude , Just take the source code .

Start interface :

Switch interface :

End the screen :

Step6: Realize the main function of the game

Just string all the interfaces together :

Finally, I added a background music , It shouldn't be a big problem . Students who understand try to do , Students who don't understand can just follow the code and knock it out , After running, as shown in the figure :

If no one understands, please comment and leave a message ! Or a private letter, I can , Comments must be answered , Private letters must be read , Don't miss any students who study hard !!!

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