Simply understand the learning direction of Python and make yourself a better choice

Programming Lao yuan 2021-11-25 18:48:22
simply understand learning direction python

Recently, Lao yuan sent an article , Although Lao yuan doesn't have many fans , Maybe only a few , But it doesn't affect me to use my brain to write papers for you , I just hope that through myself Python Understanding can help you like it better , At the same time, learn it well, find fun and make money .


The first article published last time briefly explained this Python About , Then, in order to better let everyone have a better understanding of this programming language . Here are some examples of the most commonly used Python Direction of study .



  • Python An introduction to the

Python Is a kind of representative Simplism Language of thought . Read a good one Python The program feels like reading English . It allows you to focus on solving problems rather than understanding the language itself .Python Extremely easy to use , because Python There are extremely simple documentation  . Easy to read 、 Easy maintenance Clear and uniform style 、 A wide range of uses .

  • Web crawler


About web crawlers , Xiaobian doesn't say how complicated it is , Just keep it simple . Take you downloading pictures on the Internet as an example , You need to save one by one , And find a web crawler to crawl out all the pictures you want at one time , It saves time without saving and downloading one by one .

Here's a little secret , You can also climb those VIP Because there are no videos and pictures VIP If you can't download it, you can climb out , But Xiaobian suggests that you don't play like this

  • Artificial intelligence


About artificial intelligence, let's give you an example Machine vision , fingerprint identification , Face recognition , Retina recognition , Iris recognition , Palmprint recognition , Intelligent search , Theorem proving , game , Automatic programming , Intelligent control , Robotics , Language and image understanding , Genetic programming, etc . Speaking of this, it is estimated that you can guess what artificial intelligence can do without my explanation , It can be understood that mobile phones also belong to artificial intelligence , Software programs are designed by coding .

  • Web


Web It's a page in the website , Web pages are usually the basic elements of a website , It's a platform for all kinds of website applications . Popular said , A website is made up of web pages .

The so-called website (Website), It means on the Internet , According to certain rules , Use HTML And other tools to display specific content Webpage Set . In short , Website is a communication tool , Like a bulletin board , People can publish or collect information through websites .

  • Data analysis


Data analysis refers to the use of appropriate Statistical analysis Methods a large number of data collected were analyzed , Summarize, understand and digest them , To maximize the functionality of data , Play the role of data . Data analysis is a process of studying and summarizing data in detail in order to extract useful information and form conclusions .

for instance , Tiktok, for example. , It will make statistics according to the video content you like, and then recommend you the video of relevant content you like , Data analysis and artificial intelligence are used in this place .

In fact, about Python It's far more than just these , I just give some examples of the most popular ones on the market now , Explained the general content and estimated that everyone seemed to know more than they understood , But it's not as complicated as you think. Don't worry, ha . about Python If you don't know, you can refer to here Why do many people say Python Simple ?_Python_old_man The blog of -CSDN Blog

All right. , That's all for today's introduction , There are little friends who don't understand. Welcome to leave a message in the comment area , Lao yuan is willing to give you answers one by one , Thank you for watching !!!




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