Python decrypted the latest rich list in 2021. Ma Yun didn't even enter the top three

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python decrypted latest rich list

Some time ago , Hurun research institute released 2021“ Hurun's rich list ”, This is the 1999 For the first time in a row since 23 Secondary release “ Hurun's rich list ”, For the ninth consecutive year, the threshold for listing has remained 20 One hundred million yuan , By analyzing this year's " Hurun's rich list " Look who these rich people are 、 The rich are mainly engaged in industries and so on . Come and have a look with me .
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1、 Data reading and preprocessing

df = pd.read_csv('/home/mw/input/hrbf9490/2021 Hurun Report - The list .csv')
df.replace('New ~','New',inplace=True)
df[' industry '] = df[' industry '].map(lambda x:x[3:])
df[' Ranking changes '] = df[' Ranking changes '].map(lambda x:x if x=='New' else('Up' if int(x)>0 else('Down' if int(x)<0 else 'Unchanged')))
df[' Wealth '] = df[' Wealth '].astype('int')
df[' figure 1'] = df[' Gender '].map(lambda x:x.split('、')[0])
df[' figure 2'] = df[' Gender '].map(lambda x:x.split('、')[1] if len(x) == 13 else '')
df.drop(' Gender ',axis=1,inplace=True)
df[' figure 1_ Gender '] = df[' figure 1'].map(lambda x:x.split()[0])
df[' figure 1_ Age '] = df[' figure 1'].map(lambda x:x.split()[1])
df[' figure 2_ Gender '] = df[' figure 2'].map(lambda x:x.split()[0] if len(x) != 0 else '')
df[' figure 2_ Age '] = df[' figure 2'].map(lambda x:x.split()[1] if len(x) != 0 else '')
df.drop([' figure 1',' figure 2'],axis=1,inplace=True)

2、 Rich list Top10 visualization The result is shown in Fig. :

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See this table , I thought about how Ma Yun, the richest man in my heart, came to the fifth place , The chairman of Yangshengtang Zhong Zhuo With 3900 RMB billion tops the list , The founder of byte beating Zhang Yiming With 3400 Billion yuan ranked second on the list ; In Ningde Era Zeng Yuqun With 3200 Billion yuan, ranking third , Those on the list are real rich people .

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2.1 Source code :

from pyecharts.charts import *
import pyecharts.options as opts
from pyecharts.commons.utils import JsCode
## Wealth 
bins = [0,50,100,500,1000,1800,10000000]
labels = ['0-50','50-100','100-500','500-1000','1000-1800','1800+']
df[' Wealth _cut'] = pd.cut(df[' Wealth '],bins,labels=labels)
df_t = df.head(10).sort_values(' Wealth ',ascending = True)
df_t = df_t[[' Wealth ',' full name ',' Enterprises ']]
df_t[' full name '] = df_t[' full name ']+' '+df_t[' Enterprises ']
# Rich text 
rich_text1 = {

"b": {
"color": "#ffffff","fontSize": 12, "lineHeight": 12},
"per": {

"color": "#ffffff",
bar = (Bar(init_opts=opts.InitOpts(width='980px',theme='light',bg_color='#070B50'))
.add_xaxis([y for x, y, z in df_t.values])
.add_yaxis('',[x for x, y, z in df_t.values],

'shadowBlur': 10,
'shadowColor': 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)',
'shadowOffsetY': 5,
'shadowOffsetX': 5,
'barBorderRadius': [10, 10, 10, 10],
formatter='{b}:{c} Billion ¥'
items = df[' Wealth _cut'].value_counts().index.tolist()
value = df[' Wealth _cut'].value_counts().values.tolist()
pie =(Pie()
.add('',[list(z) for z in zip(items,value)],radius=['15%','30%'],center=['77%','70%'])
.set_series_opts(label_opts=opts.LabelOpts(is_show=True,formatter="{b|{b}: }{per|{d}%} ",
bar.set_global_opts(title_opts=opts.TitleOpts(title='2021 China Hurun hundred rich list Top10',
subtitle=' Data sources :2021 year Hengchang Shaofang · Hurun's rich list ',pos_left='center',
legend_opts = opts.LegendOpts(is_show=False),

3、 Compared with last year's ranking change and the sex ratio of the rich The result is shown in Fig. :

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Yes 1605 The ranking of corporate tycoons is declining , Proportion to 55%, Rising stars are 838 A corporate tycoon , Accounted for as 28.72%, There are obviously more men than women , Scale close 9:1, I don't know when I can become a rich man in my dream .
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3.1 Source code :

df_t = pd.DataFrame(df[' figure 1_ Gender '].value_counts() + df[' figure 2_ Gender '].value_counts()).reset_index().dropna(axis=0)
df_t.columns = ['sex','count']
df_t1 = df. Ranking changes .value_counts().reset_index()
label = df_t['sex'].tolist()
value = df_t['count'].tolist()
label1 = df_t1['index'].tolist()
value1 = df_t1[' Ranking changes '].tolist()
# Rich text 
rich_text1 = {

"b": {
"color": "#ffffff","fontSize": 16, "lineHeight": 40},
"per": {

"color": "#ffffff",
"backgroundColor": "#334455",
"padding": [4, 2],
"borderRadius": 2,
pie =(Pie(init_opts=opts.InitOpts(width='980px',bg_color='#070B50',theme='light'))
.add('',[list(z) for z in zip(label,value)],radius=['25%','45%'],center=['75%','55%'],)
.add('',[list(z) for z in zip(label1,value1)],radius=['25%','45%'],center=['30%','55%'],)
.set_series_opts(label_opts=opts.LabelOpts(position='outsiede',formatter="{b|{b}: }{c} {per|{d}%} ",rich=rich_text1))
text='2021 Ranking change and gender ratio of China Hurun 100 rich list ',
text=' Data sources :2021 year Hengchang Shaofang · Hurun's rich list ',
text=' Ranking changes ',
text=' Gender ',

4、 What are the main jobs of the rich The result is shown in Fig. :

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4.1 Source code :

## Industry word cloud 
hy = []
for i in df[' industry '].map(lambda x:x.split('、')):
df_t = pd.DataFrame(hy,columns=[' industry '])
df1 = df_t[' industry '].value_counts().reset_index()
cloud_words = [tuple(xi) for xi in df1.values]
wc = (
.add("", cloud_words,word_size_range=[10, 120],shape='diamond')
.set_global_opts(title_opts=opts.TitleOpts(title='2021 Top industries on China Hurun rich list ',
subtitle=' Data sources :2021 year Hengchang Shaofang · Hurun's rich list ',pos_left='center',))

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Sure enough , Real estate is the most profitable , There are also the most people who do real estate , The second is the investment industry and the pharmaceutical industry , Let's go , We sell real estate to .

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