The way to change careers at the age of 28: breaking the 35-year-old curse and changing to a python programmer is the most successful thing in my life

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way change careers age breaking


Life is like a play , People only play a role in it , Even migrant workers , Husband or not , My son , Father or not . Everyone is coated with light or thick powder , Wearing a flawed mask , Wearing battle hardened armor , Move and pace on the stage , Read words and sing operas , Sometimes it goes well , Sometimes stumble .

When I understand these principles , I know it's not too late . I told myself , To love life is to realize that life is not going well and still be full of hope , therefore , Although his shoulders are pressing the Taihang Mountain , I can still stagger .

From college to graduation

In fact, I was not a programmer at first , But I've always been interested in programming .

When I was in College , My score is almost full , In my spare time, I can show off —— Tutor students ( Yes , Female student ). Like girls do not charge , Charges you don't like . Of course, the last female classmate didn't get .

However , When I graduated, I didn't choose the profession of programmer . I didn't even think about it , One reason is narrow vision , Limited vision , Not long , Another reason is the pressure of finding a job after graduation .

It seems that a complacent experience in the past can only be hidden in the memory , Once the waves seem to hide under the sea waves .

After graduation, I joined an engineering company . Engineering dogs , Or draw pictures until you die , Or eat ash on the construction site , Talk about the project , Entertain Party A , The annual meeting of the , Even the new welcome party , You can't help drinking and smoking . Between the whole table , Clouds and spittle fly together , A red neck and a red face .

I remember when the new people met , I drank so much that I threw up in the toilet , Drink to stomach spasm . But I didn't want to escape the industry at that time .

later , Once I went to the project , I'm going to climb up the ceiling to find out the problem . Hot summer , The compressor next door is still roaring . One side is a pipe that can't fall , One side is a dark wall gap , I'm walking on thin ice on a half meter wide wall .

I squatted down , Looking at the bottomless dark abyss . It's like a black hole , Seems to want to devour me . My heart wavered , With tiny invisible cracks .

On the last business trip , I went to Beijing . In one night , I called my boss and mentor , Explain the idea of leaving . They were surprised , I don't understand my idea of changing careers .

Back to the company , I mentioned leaving . The last day , I walked out of the office building . The sun scorched the sky , There are no clouds , My heart is a cold heart .

About learning

Professionally , I'm ashamed to say , Maybe compared with myself last year , Little progress

This year I put Python We went through the basics , Leak filling . However, in the process of re learning, I continue to find , Any knowledge should be applied in combination with practice . It's no use just reading books and watching tutorials . It's on paper , We must know that we must do it !

So I found the project video to learn from .

More reading , The more you find out , History is reincarnating , We live in an era where everything is going backwards except Technology ; More reading , The more you find out , Human beings are just like this , No matter what skin color , Are tiny insects in the eternal universe . therefore , Live in the present , Hold on now , Being practical is the most important way for me to live .

I have a friend , Usually the relationship is good . One night , He asked me , Why is it so easy for others , He's so hard ? He has been a doctoral student for three years , I haven't graduated yet . He decided to give up his doctor , Come out and look for a job . Because of his professional limitations , He can only be admitted to the public examination or public institutions . However, public institutions will not have too good treatment . As soon as he came out of the campus, he stepped into the mud pit of society , I'm depressed , As one can imagine .

Change to the old me , I might comfort him so . You are already very lucky , Many people are just ordinary undergraduates , You're at least ahead of many people in Education , You have a girlfriend , I've got a marriage certificate , This is better than many bachelors , By contrast, you know how happy you are . Now I won't comfort a person like this , Because if someone comforts me so , I won't accept it myself . How hard it is for a person who wants to make progress to accept worse !

About Python Switch

Be steady , Choose a career , Is to choose life

Changing careers , Age is not a problem . Mindset is important , I want to make a lot of money , desire ease , It is often impossible to change careers ;

Don't pursue temporary gains and losses , It should be based on the five-year and ten-year plan .

Choose an industry , Often choose a life . Criteria for judging whether you like it or not , Should be more diversified : treatment , Development , Operation mode , Interpersonal relationship , Personal advantage , Personality traits …, Think about it , weigh the advantages and disadvantages , Two evils are lighter .

1. Students do engineering , While getting money , There are also social gatherings every day , The construction site has become a dog's distress
2. Street civil servants and transfer students enjoy stability , Both fame and wealth , Also bear a lot of trifles , The trouble of being pragmatic .
3. The big boss who sells fish , Enough money , Always say you regret your life , Only sell fish , A messy environment will accompany you all your life .

There is no absolutely good job , Just see if it suits you , While still young , Experience more , Be ready for possible development , Try the impossible career , Ask yourself more , What do you want? .

Don't care too much about the difficulty of changing careers , It takes time , Once you find it in your heart , The most difficult step in career change has crossed .

  • After determining the transfer target , Don't make grand plans , It will only increase impetuosity ;

  • No matter when you start changing careers , You have to believe that your life still has a long way to go , Long enough to complete all the knowledge of career transition ;

  • Feel the fun of career change learning itself , Don't care about the gains and losses of the moment ;

  • Taste more, from not to the meeting , The process of progress from inability to ability , Boost your confidence ;

  • When you get from Xiaobai to getting started , Then to experts , The external conditions will gradually get better .

Cultivate interest , Think more from a lifetime perspective

Xiaobai studies , Maintaining interest is the first priority , And heavy tasks , Will kill interest ; Steps can be small , As long as you don't give up .

as for IT Industry spread 35 The age line , I'm not afraid at all .

1. It's me who keeps learning , No complacency due to stable work ;
2. I am optimistic about the future IT The development of , With the development of science and technology, it will enter all aspects of life ;
3. I don't have much pursuit , Maintain food and clothing , Small and rich , These years should be the most short of money in life , To 35 year , Unless there's a black swan , It's not very nourishing that you can spend ten thousand yuan a month .

Switch Python, Is the most successful thing in my life , It's worth blowing all my life .

Python Easy to learn and difficult to learn , You can't master it overnight . Share my treasure here 「 learn Python Knowledge framework diagram 」, Systematically combed the introduction Python The necessary knowledge of , It is recommended to keep . I hope these can provide some help for everyone's learning direction .

About Python Technology reserve

Python Learning route summary

Python The technical points in all directions are sorted out , Form a summary of knowledge points in various fields , The use of it is , You can find the corresponding learning resources according to the above knowledge points , Make sure you learn more comprehensively .
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Python Essential development tools

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The high-quality goods Python Learning books

When I learn a certain foundation , When you have your own understanding , I will read some books compiled by my predecessors or handwritten notes , These notes detail their understanding of some technical points , These understandings are quite original , You can learn different ideas .
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Python Video collection

Watch the zero basics learning video , Watching video learning is the quickest and most effective way , Follow the teacher's ideas in the video , From foundation to depth , It's still easy to get started .
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Practical cases

Optical theory is useless , Learn to knock together , Do it , Can you apply what you have learned to practice , At this time, we can make some practical cases to learn .
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Python Exercises

Check the learning results .
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Interview questions

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summary ( obtain )

Play your part , Sing the play of life well , It may never be you , But you can be a hero for yourself and your loved ones .

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