Python list to JSON format

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python list json format

Extract the data from the three lists list=[a,b,c] list2=[1,2,3] list=[4,5,6] To json [{“tiele”:””,”options”:””,”answer”:””},{“tiele”:””,”options”:””,”answer”:””},{“tiele”:””,”options”:””,”answer”:””},{“tiele”:””,”options”:””,”answer”:””},{“tiele”:””,”options”:””,”answer”:””}] In this format

Refer to the answer 1:

I don't quite understand what the relationship is .. such ?


list1=['a','b','c'] list2=[1,2,3] list3=[4,5,6] newlist=[]for i in range(len(list1)): item={} item['title']=list1[i] item['options']=list2[i] item['answer']=list3[i] newlist.append(item)print(newlist)

Refer to the answer 2:
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