Is it still tangled in learning Python from zero foundation?

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Python Programming language because of its own “ Clear ”、“ brief ” And so on Python Programming language IT Practitioners love . and , For beginners , Compared with other programming languages ,Python Easier to use . Plus many companies use Python programing language , Promote Python The market demand for programmers is increasing .

Transfer to zero Basics Python Is programming difficult ? Where do you start to learn ? Recently, a lot of little friends asked me , If I change my career to study Python, Completely 0 Can we learn the basics ?Python How difficult is it ? today , Xiaobian will explain this problem in detail for you .

Study Python Is it difficult? ?

First , Let's popularize the basic knowledge of programming language . Develop programs in any programming language , It's all about getting the computer to do the work , Like downloading a MP3, Write a document, etc , Computers do the work CPU Recognize only machine instructions , therefore , Although different programming languages vary greatly , In the end “ translate ” become CPU Machine instructions that can be executed . And different programming languages , Do the same job , Amount of code written , There's a big gap . So students who want to learn , It's necessary to listen to this teacher's class 、 receive python Fulio , Students who want to learn can go to miss Mengya's Wai Xin ( Homophone ): The front group is :mengy , The next group is :7762, Combine the above two groups of letters in order , She'll arrange the study .

such as , Complete the same task ,C Language to write 1000 Line code ,Java You just need to write 100 That's ok , and Python May be as long as 20 That's ok .

therefore Python It's a pretty advanced language .

Is it that the lower the level of the program, the more difficult it is to learn , The more advanced the program, the simpler it is ?

On the surface , Yes .

however , In very high abstract Computing , advanced Python Programming is also very difficult to learn , therefore , High level programming language is not equal to simple .

however , For beginners and to complete common tasks ,Python Language is very easy to use .

I 0 Basic science Python Is that OK ?

I'm in favor of Python As an introductory language :

1、 The grammar is simple and clear . The first language , It's actually grammar +Flow control( control ), and Python The grammar of is simple , Code readability , Easy to get started .

2、Python The philosophy is 「 There should be only one best way to do something 」, It is very helpful for beginners to standardize their study , It also helps beginners to understand other people's code .

3、 Form good habits .Python Strict requirements for code , Especially indent (Indentation), It is very helpful for beginners to form good code habit .

4、Python Our grammar design is excellent , Thought is also more modern , Can understand some ideas of modern programming language faster .

5、Python It's still tradition based on Class Of OO, and Java、C#、Ruby equally , More popular . from Python Go to school Design Pattern It's also more appropriate .

6、Python The built-in data structure of is clear and easy to use , There's a lot of good code .

7、Python There are many free books ( english ), You can find a lot of information . meanwhile ( Abroad ) The community is more concentrated , If you have any questions, you can ask the expert .

8、Python In other areas , For example, scientific calculation is widely used , For learning a language as a tool ,Python Very suitable .

How to learn Python?

1、 Choose the right direction

I want to learn Python The aim is not to understand the language , It's about learning to use the language to solve problems .

but Python Application direction of , It's too wide . stay Python After learning the basics , If the application direction is different , Things to learn will be very different .

I can't say I want to do web Development , By the end Python Basic knowledge of , Run to learn numpy、pandas Such as knowledge ; I can't say I want to use Python Do data analysis , By the end Python Basic knowledge of , Then run to learn django、flask frame .

That's the truth , Just want to travel to Thailand with us , I'm sure I won't buy the same ticket to Japan , It's simple . But we have to admit , There will still be people who are confused , Come up and drive .

I study Python, It's because I've learned that Python In terms of data analysis , It basically covers “ Data acquisition → Data processing → Data analysis → Data visualization ” Every part of the process , It's a powerful tool for data analysis , Say this coquettish operation , No one else .

2、 Plan the path

When I have a good direction , The next step is In this direction , Build my own learning path map .

This path is a systematic logic thread , This thread will let me know what each part needs to accomplish , What knowledge points need to be learned , What knowledge is not necessary for the time being . Then every part of the study , I will be able to have some actual output , Use results to produce positive stimulation , Encourage follow-up learning .

and , If we are in the workplace , Most of the time we don't have a lot of time to concentrate on our study . Our learning time is divided into some fragmented time . In the time of fragmentation , Learn a knowledge systematically , More need to have a run through before and after , The logic of the system , To connect all the relevant fragmentation time learning . So students who want to learn , It's necessary to listen to this teacher's class 、 receive python Fulio , Students who want to learn can go to miss Mengya's Wai Xin ( Homophone ): The front group is :mengy , The next group is :7762, Combine the above two groups of letters in order , She'll arrange the study .

When I'm sure it's good to learn Python Knowledge of data analysis , Just follow Data analysis process “ Data acquisition → Data processing → Data analysis → Data visualization ” This path , Give yourself Build a learning map

A、Python Basic knowledge of

B、 Reptile Basics +sql

C、...( Choose... According to your own needs )

3、 Build awareness of basic concepts

Python It's the first programming language I learned , I'm starting to learn Python When , It's a little white that doesn't even know what a string is . So for me , The most important start is , First of all, we should establish a cognition of the basic concepts in this field !

in fact , For someone who has absolutely no foundation in a field , If you want to start learning it , The really important work is to first establish a knowledge of the basic concepts in this field .

For example, I read a sentence in the tutorial that is “ Assign values to variables ”, At least I need to know , What is a variable ? What does assignment mean ?

I don't know why such an important start , A lot of people don't care , I don't know if it's because we are all gifted , Feel disdained to mention the basic steps , Or many people have forgotten the pain and struggle from Xiaobai along the way . People will tamper with memory , I think what I have now is easy to get , But the real experience is always full of twists and turns .

So the typical common problem of some online tutorials is , The teacher uses a concept we don't understand to explain another concept we don't understand , Then we still don't understand . Because the teacher preset the action in advance 0 The basis of our position : There are other programming language foundations , Just no contact Python.

But in fact , For the real like me 0 For basic Xiaobai , Most of the time ,Python It's the first programming language we learn . So at this point , For us , Study Python, It's not just learning the language itself , Still borrowing the language , Help us build our understanding of some basic concepts of the programming world .

When I got in the door , Follow the learning path established in the second step , Upgrade all the way to fight monsters , After all , My journey is the sea of stars !

4、 At last, we should pay attention to some problems in our study

⑴、 In the beginning, we will never get entangled in the underlying principles and details

The pit , It's the deepest hole in my pit .

for instance , When I learned about functions , I just need to learn how to define functions in the beginning , How to call functions , There is no need to go into the transfer rules of function parameters from the beginning , It's value transfer , Or by reference .

It's not that the underlying knowledge doesn't matter , At least at the beginning , We don't have to go up to this level . Because of the learning of knowledge , It's a linear , From the order of submergence . If at first , Just eyebrows and beard , No distinction between primary and secondary , Maybe we will soon realize “ From entry to abandonment ” What kind of feeling is it .

And we are in the follow-up learning process , It is in itself “ Use to understand , Optimize application in deep understanding ”. Mutual confirmation and understanding , It's a natural in-depth learning process .

⑵、 It's better to study according to systematic courses or books

Since I'm new in this field , Accept an existing system first , And then make changes on it , Is the most suitable solution . As a rookie , According to my experience , I think the best teacher , A set of systematic courses or books .

Articles or posts on the Internet , In fact, it is not suitable for us to learn a knowledge systematically , Because it's very fragmented knowledge , A hammer in the East and a stick in the West , It's not systematic . Don't expect yourself to integrate the scattered information into a system , That's what masters do . But these things , It can be used as a reference for us to check and fill in some details .

⑶、 So that it can be used , Problem solving is the guiding principle

At work , What we need is more engineering thinking to solve problems , So a lot of times , We can solve the problem by swapping , There's no need to make your own wheels .

for instance ,boss go to the airport , Then I just need to be able to drive , Driving handle boss Just send it to the destination , I don't need to study how to make wheels , How to build an engine , How to make batteries ......

Of course , If we can learn more , Can go deep , It must be good but not bad . But again , At the beginning , No eyebrows and beard .

⑷、 Nothing can be done quickly , The lower it is 、 The longer the revenue cycle, the more so the skill .

“ The road is very rough , And a man's way , To end up in error ”. We always step on countless pits , Then I saw the light : Shortcuts are often the longest detours . Learn about a field , For ordinary people in a short time from 0 To 1 Enter a door , It's not difficult , But from 1 To 10, To 100, Advanced to master , No long time investment and deliberate practice , It's like a dream .

Python It is widely used in the field of machine learning , Most of the current research focuses are Python Realization ; secondly , Automated tests 、 Operation and maintenance , As for the test , To grasp Script Characteristics of , In the planning script , It has a better effect .Python It's more popular now Script.

most important of all Python Features that can be developed quickly allow you to quickly validate your ideas , Instead of wasting time on the program itself , And has the rich third-party library support , It can also save you time !

Python The main direction of employment is web Development 、 Reptiles 、 Artificial intelligence .Python It's the language of simplicity . Read a good one Python The program feels like reading English , Although this English is very strict !Python This pseudo code nature of is one of its greatest advantages . It allows you to focus on solving problems rather than understanding the language itself .

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