What are the application areas of dry goods Python?

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Python As a powerful programming language and easy to learn, it is favored by many developers . So here comes the question ,Python What are the application areas of ?

Actually Python It's widely used , Almost all large and medium-sized Internet enterprises are using Python Finish all kinds of work , For example, overseas  Google、Youtube、Dropbox wait ; Domestic Baidu 、 Sina 、 sohu 、 tencent 、 Ali 、 NetEase 、 TaoBao 、 You know 、 douban 、 Car home 、 Meituan wait . And to sum up ,Python The main application fields are :Web application development 、 Automatic operation and maintenance 、 The field of artificial intelligence 、 Web crawlers 、 Scientific Computing 、 Game development wait . so to speak ,Python The application field of is playing a very important role in all walks of life , Its value is immeasurable ~

Python Often used for Web Development , Despite the current PHP、JS Is still Web The mainstream language of development , but  Python The upward momentum is more fierce . and Python Of Web The development framework is becoming more and more mature ( such as Django、flask、TurboGears、web2py  wait ), Programmers can more easily develop and manage complex Web Program .

for example , adopt mod_wsgi modular ,Apache operational Python Compiling Web Program .Python Defined WSGI Standard application interfaces to coordinate HTTP Server and base Python Of Web Communication between programs .

Take the most intuitive example , The world's largest search engine Google, It is widely used in its network search system Python Language . in addition , The films we often visit 、 read 、 Douban, which integrates music, also uses Python Realized .

The world's largest video website Youtube  as well as Dropbox They all use Python Developed .

In many operating systems ,Python Is a standard system component , majority Linux Distribution and  NetBSD、OpenBSD and Mac OS X  All integrated Python, Can run directly under the terminal Python.

Somewhat Linux Distribution of the installer used Python Language writing , for example  Ubuntu Of Ubiquity Installers 、Red Hat Linux and Fedora Of Anaconda Installers wait .

Usually ,Python System management script written , Whether it's readability , Or performance 、 Code reusability and extensibility , Are better than ordinary shell Script .

Artificial intelligence is a very hot research direction in the current society , If you want to choose the hottest 、 The highest paid IT Position , Then engineers in the field of artificial intelligence have the most say . and Python Machine learning in the field of artificial intelligence 、 neural network 、 Deep learning, etc , They're all mainstream programming languages .

It can be said that artificial intelligence developed from big data analysis and deep learning , It is essentially impossible to leave Python The support of , There are at least the following reasons :

Artificial intelligence learning framework

Google Of TransorFlow( Neural network framework )、FaceBook Of PyTorch( Neural network framework ) And the open source community Karas Neural network library, etc , It's all used Python Realized .

First level language

Microsoft CNTK( Cognitive toolkit ) I fully support Python, And the company developed VS Code, Have also put Python Support as a first level language .

Mathematical operations

Python Good at scientific calculation and data analysis , Support various mathematical operations , Can draw higher quality 2D and 3D Images .

Python Language has long been used to write web crawlers .Google And other search engine companies use Python Language to write web crawlers .

From a technical point of view ,Python There are many tools for writing web crawlers , for example  urllib、Selenium and BeautifulSoup etc. , also Provides a web crawler framework Scrapy.

Many games use C++ Write graphics display and other high-performance modules , While using Python or Lua Write the game's logic . and Python comparison ,Lua Is simpler , A smaller ; and  Python More features and data types are supported .

besides ,Python Can be called directly Open GL Realization 3D draw , This is the technical basis of high-performance game engine . in fact , There's a lot of Python Language implemented game engine , for example  Pygame、Pyglet as well as Cocos 2d etc. .

The above is only an introduction to Python In the field of application “ The tip of the iceberg ”, for example , It can also be used  Pygame  Game programming ; use PIL And some other tools The image processing ; use PyRo The toolkit goes on Robot control programming , wait .

Python As a starting language for learning programming, it's just right . I have studied computer science in University C The students of language all feel the same , Think C Language is not a good introduction language , A lot of readers who were determined to learn programming , In the study C After language , Determined not to learn programming anymore . therefore , Whether to learn C Language , It seems to be the screening standard for entering the programming industry .

If you will Python As a programming language , There would be no such thing as C The dilemma of language . at present , Some colleges and universities began to use Python As a software major ( Even non software majors ) The basic programming language of .

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