Quantitative trading system development (detailed module) - Quantitative contract trading mode development source code (Language Python)

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With the popularization of blockchain technology,the fourth App application revolution has come,decentralization o

The concept of"DAPP"has recently become very popular on Ethereum platform.In fact,the main purpose of Ethereum is to send

Smart contracts are distributed,so that everyone can communicate with each other on a decentralized platform and send them like a broadcast,thus reshaping them.

These"blockchain new species,DAPP(distributed application)new ecology".

DAPP Conditions to be met for application :

1. The application should be completely open source 、 autonomous , And no entity controls the application more than 51 Percent Token. The application can be upgraded according to users' feedback and technical requirements , And the application upgrade can only be carried out after most users reach a consensus ;

2. The data of the application is encrypted and stored on the public blockchain ;

3. The app has Token Mechanism , Miners or application maintenance nodes need to get token rewards ;

4. The use of tokens is based on standard encryption algorithms , The valuable nodes can obtain the corresponding information according to the algorithm

Token rewards used .

DAPP Different underlying blockchain development platforms are like mobile phones IOS Systems and Android System , It's all

DAPP The underlying ecological environment .DAPP It is all kinds of distributed applications derived from the underlying blockchain platform ecology , also

It is the basic service provider in the blockchain world .DAPP In blockchain , like APP To IOS and Android.

DAPP And APP The difference of :

DAPP And APP Corresponding . The difference between the two is ,DApp The data interaction of is made up of smart contracts deployed on the blockchain (S–rt Contract) complete , It's not in the middle * Attribute of transformation ;APP The data interaction of is completed by centralized or distributed server . simply ,DAPP On the public chain , That is equivalent to APP To iOS

Payment processing : Smart contract execution , Decentralized trading , Users can directly use cryptocurrency for point-to-point transactions ;

User credentials : Using public and private key systems , Users can easily handle and bind with varying degrees of anonymity

Define user session and metadata , So as to save the lengthy registration process ;

Information security : User information is stored securely , Data is difficult to tamper with , The information is guaranteed to be true and reliable ; All data related to information privacy will not be disclosed 、 All data contracts running on distributed networks will not be tampered with ;

Trust and justiciability : Open source DAPP The code is accessible and understandable to knowledgeable users .

This transparency and inherent security of internal data * Sex enables applications to be trusted . The open and searchable records on the blockchain also make the transaction information easy for users or third parties to audit .

Blockchain (DAPP) Which industries will be the first in the future ?

1、 Value business points 、 In the field of copyright circulation and entertainment games ;

2、 As for the application landing direction , We feel that we still focus on Internet applications ;

3、 Business points , The second generation of Taobao may appear ;

4、 Application scenarios of copyright circulation and transaction ;

5、 Applications in entertainment and games .

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