100 days proficient in python (basic version) -- the first day: python and vscode environment installation

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Study Diary

Python installation

Official website download address: http://www.python.org/download/

1) There are default installation and custom installation, select custom installation; Note: Both must select the environment configuration below
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2) Some plugins and tools are checked

3) Modify the installation path

4) The installation is complete, click to close

5) After the installation is complete, open the command prompt window (win+R, enter cmd and press Enter, type python and press Enter, and the version number is displayed to indicate that the installation is successful)
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VS Code installation

Official website download address: https://code.visualstudio.com/

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1) Modify the installation path
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2) Check the desktop to create a shortcut

3) Installation completed

4) Set the Chinese version, enter configure language, press Enter

5) Install python environment
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ClickIn the lower left corner, it is automatically selected by default; for manual selection, use ctrl + shift + p to open the command palette and enter python: Select Interpreter, select the python.exe program under the python installation path

5) Create .py file

Console output

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