Restaurant ordering and recommendation system based on Python-django

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With the development of the times, people's life pressure is also increasing.After a busy work and study, I usually choose to have a meal in a restaurant.In this way, you can not only taste delicious food, but also dine more quickly and conveniently, so that you can better devote yourself to study and work.In order to facilitate more people to have fast and convenient dining, we developed this restaurant ordering and recommendation system through Python and Django

Design and develop a restaurant managementSystem for restaurant operation management.It is required that the restaurant management system needs to have two user roles, ordinary administrator and super administrator.Ordinary administrators correspond to restaurant service staff who can only operate, customer billing function, ordering function, and checkout function.In addition to the above functions, the super administrator also adds product management functions, membership management, and employee management for restaurant managers.During the restaurant business period, the restaurant management system should record the usage of the restaurant table in real time. After the customer has placed the order, he can enter the order function to complete the normal function of adding and deleting products, and the order list should be displayed.When checking out, discounts can be made corresponding to the VIP level and the change can be calculated in time.VIP management, employee management: should add member and employee information, modify member and employee information, delete member and employee information.

Development language: Python
Python framework: django
Software version: python3.7.7
Database: mysql 5.7
Database tool: Navicat11
Development software: PyCharm/vscode
Front endFramework: vue.js

Login function: Enter the user name and password. If the password is incorrect, you cannot log in, and a prompt message will appear first. Only when the user name and password match can you log in.
Billing function: This form can only be opened if the table is available. You can fill in the table number, change the number of customers, waiters, and billing remarks.
Ordering function: After selecting the table, add and delete products, and the visibility list is displayed on the front end, which is convenient for service staff to view and prevent the wrong menu.
Increase consumption function: It can only be operated on the basis of customers who have already ordered. After selecting a table, add products and return the order.
Checkout function: select the table number, enter the membership number, query the corresponding discount rate, display the payable amount, the actual amount received, and calculate the change, which improves the work efficiency and quality of the cashier.
Member management: can add, delete, modify member information, and query members by member number, which is convenient for viewing the details of a large number of member data.By querying the commodity code, you can know the inventory situation, and do the purchasing work in time so as not to affect the normal supply demand of the restaurant.
Employee management: It is of great help to the personnel management personnel of the restaurant. The personnel management function can be used to manage personnel, including adding, deleting, modifying and querying functions.